Release Agent

asphalt release agent, concrete release agent, silicone release agent, rubber release agent

Release Agent prevents material from bonding to surface as a result will give perfect mold, widely referred as mold release agent, mold release coating, mold release agent. In mining activities referred as mining release agent. In construction concrete release agent. In asphalt road construction asphalt release agent. Release Agent creates high contact angle and produces low surface energy. Release agents are applied to contact surface of mold prior to molding process. Release agent becomes layer on mold’s original surface to facilitate smooth and complete shape of parts to be moulded and easy removal of moulded parts. It gives nicer finish to moulded parts. Release agent works as a barrier which also protects mold from corrosive behaviour of moulding materials.

Reapplication of release agent depends on degree of permanence Release agent reapplication relevant to application method, process and materials used. Quality of release agent highly influence mold, moulding surface, material to be moulded, bond between them and bond tooling. Release agent is most important part in many manufacturing and production processes. Release agent can add lot of values to them. Release agent has gotten lot of benefits like, can enhance productivity, extend tool/mold life/die, increase cycle times, improve surface/part quality and reduce defect rates and scrap.


Release agents are typically based on silicone, oils or soapy surfactants with several special food-grade formulations utilised in the food processing industry. Release agents may be liquid solutions applied with a spray gun or paint brush, wax compounds applied with a cloth or convenient aerosol types. The active components in low-viscosity liquid release agents are typically suspended in various solvents, some of which could pose health or environmental hazards. This should be kept in mind when working with or disposing of these products. Addition to that, as with all solvents, the maintenance of adequate ventilation and fire prevention should also be considered.


Release agent has usefulness in Asphalt, Concrete, Food processing, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastic, rubber, casting and die castings. Two types of Silicon based release agents are used in rubber products. Silicon keeps rubber from sticking to mold and lubricates it for easy slide over. In plastic industry, release agents are coated onto some plastic films. In pharmaceutical industry during tabletting release agents are added to powdered and granulated drug compositions. Release agents are being applied to get slip effect of paper from processing machinery, in the industrial paper manufacturing. After baking or roasting, release agents are being applied to felicitate separation of food from cooking vessel/apparatus. Barrier release agents and reactive release agents are being used in great extent in construction industries now a days. Asphalt release agent is big help to environment as Diesel is harmful to workers and environment. The diesel fuel raised many concerns about possible contamination to road construction site soil and nearby ground water. Then, the fumes from the diesel can adversely affect the health of the paving crew. Finally, the largest barrier to adopting diesel as an asphalt release agent was the simple fact that diesel can cut through an asphalt mat, thereby reducing its strength and quality. When fine particles separate from the aggregate structure and adhere to the surface of the roller leaving openings in the asphalt mat. A better asphalt release agent is “preventive maintenance”. Asphalt release agent provides a lubricating barrier between the tyres of a pneumatic roller and the asphalt mat.


In mining ore handling, material handling for processing and dispatching are very crucial and vital. Dead back and Carryback issue in mining is very painful and main cause for revenue losing and reduction in efficiency of all mining production procedures. Haul truck ore bed remover in mining, Dump truck transport all ores and mining raw products for processing and for dispatching. Main problem in ore and raw products transportation, handling is carry-back, dead bed, causing lost of revenue. Release Agent in Mining popularly known as carryback remover in mining, is a kind of non stick agent also known as carryback controller that prevents material, raw products sticking to surface of transportation vehicles due to which it is called as efficiency improver in mining transportation. Release Agent in Mining increases productivity and efficiency of Haul trucks, Dump trucks. Mining Release Agent indirectly reduces wear and tear of Haul trucks ore bed remover in mining, Dump trucks by eliminating ore building up, carry back remover, dead bed while ore, raw mining products handling and transportation with efficiency improver in mining transportation. Mining Release Agent increases average pay load. Mining Release Agent is a complete Dead bed, Carry Back eliminator for all kind of production activity of mining and quarrying.


Carry back has a negative impact on mining as it refers to material remaining within unloaded coal wagons on the return trip to mines. One of the two main causes of the carry bags are coal spoilage & cross – contamination. There are various problems caused with the conveyor system during transporting of bulk solids or other materials. Using the conveyor systems, carryback issue in mining causes an unscheduled downtime in operations, and when not addressed it makes proper belt tracking so it must be handled well with carryback controller (carry-back remover). It also incorporates an aggregation of material under the belt and buildup on return rollers, snub pulleys and bend pulleys.

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