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Release agents provide the critical barrier between a molding surface and the substrate, facilitating separation of the cured part from the mold. Without such a barrier in place, the substrate would become fused to the mold surface, resulting in difficult clean-up and dramatic loss in production efficiency. Even when a release agent (mining chemical) is used, factors such as irregular applications or improper release agent choice may have a dramatic effect on the quality and consistency of the finished product.


We are a leading manufacturer of maintenance chemicals for mining in Australia and source most of our raw material for mining, locally, from Australia.

Mining Release Agent Manufacturer
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We are proud Australian manufacturers of mining chemicals with primarily responsibility to support local economy and provide best quality product.


Our network of distributors ensure fastest delivery and lowest turn around time.  We are present all over the world.

R & D

Constant research and development is our endeavor to inculcate a culture of productivity in our organization and hence best product.