Global-MRA (Mining Release Agent) is the non-stick agent for ore buildup in mining, transport and equipment, eliminates Dead-bed or Carry-Back Dead-bed (Carry-back) is ore buildup on mining equipment which prevents equipment performing at full capacity. A new product Global-MRA (Mining Chemical) is able to eliminate dead-bed (Carry-back) when sprayed onto equipment surfaces by creating a non-stick film. The biggest payback for the important release agent for mining equipment comes from applying it in haul truck beds to allow trucks to dump out a full load of fresh ore each time.


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BENEFITS OF Our Mining Release Agent

Saves Time and Money

Mining Release Agent, eliminates the need to scrub off from truck dead bed, stops reduction of ore transportation quantity hence saves both time and money.

Increases Productivity

Main goal of Mining Release Agent is to increase mining operation efficiencies. By reducing time Mining Release Agent increases productivity as a whole, therefore increase in profitability.

bio green

Our Mining Release Agent is Bio Green

natural ingredients

Our Important Release Agent for Mining Equipment is made out of Natural Ingredients